Planning for tomorrow, today.

Great Plains team photoWe provide honest health care planning, balanced investment management, and comprehensive retirement planning. Our mission is to give our neighbors the tools they need to achieve long-lasting peace of mind as they enter their later working years and retirement.

In the dizzying worlds of finance and healthcare, it’s all too easy to become frustrated, confused, or focused on the wrong thing. While there are many places to seek advice these days, we are firm believers in the personal approach. From the first meeting or phone call, we are committed to understanding you as an individual: your concerns and your hopes not only in the present moment, but for each stage of life.

Our professional identity is rooted in trust, respect, and integrity – it is the foundation from which we cultivate our relationships with clients and community. These values also inform the collaborative approach we strive to take. As we support, educate, and provide insight into the intersecting corners of life that need it most, we don’t just talk—we listen. Your “why” is just as important as your “what,” and we recognize that only by actively listening will we understand your needs.