Financial Planning & Investment Management

Investment decisions can be found in every corner of our lives. When it comes to finances—whether you’re looking to open an individual investment account, or you’d like to build a comprehensive financial plan— we’re here to help you make those decisions.

While the goal of investment management—to build wealth—is simple, deciding just how to reach that goal can often feel overwhelming. But we organize our services around simple facts:

  1. Market timing doesn’t work.
  2. Creating and preserving wealth demands diversification.
  3. Focus on the long-term without letting short-term diversions distract you.

And we put these facts to use by combining our step-by-step review process with a powerful software called Riskalyze, which helps us visualize where you are in your financial journey and provide a straightforward path toward your goals.



If you’re ready to take the next step in controlling your financial destiny, we can work together to create a well-grounded financial plan. Here’s a preview of our process, which we use in tandem with Riskalyze:

  • Understanding your financial goals: First, we’ll work together to identify your financial goals and prioritize your most pressing short, medium and long-term objectives.
  • Analyze your current financial state: Next, we’ll analyze where you are today in terms of your savings and current investment portfolio. Sometimes, this phase of our review results in actionable steps that can immediately benefit you; other times, we’ll simply see future possibilities for growth and stability.
  • Strategizing:  Once we know where we’re at and where we want to go, we can build a bridge between the two. We’ll consider key aspects such as saving, budgeting, investing, tax and insurance planning, retirement planning, and more in creating a strategy that will help you fulfill those financial goals.
  • Implementation: Now that the strategy is in place, we’ll walk you through the process of implementation. Whether it’s making the right investment decisions, choosing the right insurance plan for you and your family, saving enough to reach your retirement goals, or creating an estate plan that preserves your legacy, we’ll guide and advise as you navigate the seasons and surprises of life.
  • Reviewing and Monitoring: Ours is an ongoing partnership. We’ll keep you informed and help you stay on track with your goals by regularly communicating potential risks or opportunities for your investments.